Abbeyfield Ferring Covid Vaccinations

We have had a busy few weeks across our services and are delighted to announce that all our staff and residents, at Cornwell House, our Support at Home Service and the Old School House in Ferring, have had their first round of Covid Vaccinations.

This is a huge relief to all of us, and our staff have worked tirelessly to keep the virus from our doors and to protect our residents. A huge thanks to everyone but rest assured, we are not letting our guard down yet and will be taking the same precautions to ensure it doesn’t slip in through the back door.

Our Cornwell House residents were the first on the list have the vaccinations; and the last of our small community cohort, at the Old School House, were driven to the Brighton Centre this week so we could ensure a 100% rollout. Limiting transmission in the community and reducing any effects the virus might have on those we care for is vital to getting back to enjoying the kind of society we are all used to.